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Dear Supervisor and Town Board Members,

Like Frank Dalene, we too are distressed by the noise and dangers posed to our community by helicopters landing at East Hampton Airport. This video is shocking, but the event it captures is hardly unusual. We do not exaggerate when we say that helicopters have ruined our way of life in Wainscott. In the summer months, it is no longer possible to sit outside from Thursday-Sunday, while they take off and land every few minutes, flying directly over our house and those of our neighbors. We are utterly amazed at the lack of action on the part of our public officials. We invite you to spend one weekend late afternoon in our area to see what it is like to live with this insufferable noise, combined with genuine fear that the helicopter flying at tree top level will crash in one’s yard. Together with Frank and other members of our community, we are taking action to make sure that our citizens understand their rights and put an end to this destruction of our way of life. If you think that this is the problem of a few people alone, I suggest you start talking to your fellow citizens, who are equally outraged at the situation and your inaction. I urge you to act now.
Linda Zerilli
Marie Zerilli
9 Bark Ct.
Wainscott, NY 11975
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